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Daisy Dixon

philosopher & artist 

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I am a philosopher of art and artist, and a Lecturer (assistant professor) in Philosophy at Cardiff University.


Before Cardiff, I was a post-doctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy & Art at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge from 2018-2022. I was awarded my PhD in Philosophy by Cambridge in 2019. Before that, I received a Distinction for the MPhil in Philosophy at Cambridge, and a First Class BA (joint honours) in Fine Art & Philosophy at the University of Reading.


In my philosophical work, I explore how visual art is a kind of communication, or speech, and the nature of aesthetic injustice. I also have an art practice in painting and sonic installation. 

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Academic papers


1. ‘Artistic (Counter) Speech’ (2022, *prize-winning paper) Journal ofAesthetics and Art Criticism 4, 409-419. 

2. ‘Lies in Art’ (2022) Australasian Journal of Philosophy 100, 25-39. 

3. ‘Novel Assertions: A Reply to Mahon’ (2022) British Journal of Aesthetics 62, 115-124. 


4. 'The Artistic Metaphor’ (2021) Philosophy 96, 1-25. 

Book reviews

5. 'Honouring and Admiring the Immoral: an ethical guide. Drawing the Line: What to Do with the Work of Immoral Artists from Museums to the Movies' (2023) Philosophical Quarterly 73, 831-837.

6. 'Whole Picture: The colonial story of the art in our museums & why we need to talk about it' (2021) British Journal of Aesthetics 61, 395-399.

Public engagement

'Depravity: the story of dangerous art' (book under contract with Faber & Faber)

‘Should we censor art?: a philosophical guide on how to manage dangerous art’ (2021) Aeon

‘Conflicted art: how to approach works by morally bad artists' (2019) Art Aesthetics Magazine 



"What is aesthetic injustice?" (UCL, 'The Ethics of Arts Funding' workshop - 30th Oct 2023)​


"On immoral artists" (Royal Institute of Philosophy, Oxford Brookes - 27th Nov 2023)

"Lying as Telling" (University of Valencia, 'Lying & Deception' workshop - 23-24th Nov 2023)

TBC (University of Reading Research Colloquium - 25th Jan 2024)

"The Aesthetic Slur" (University of Barcelona LOGOS Colloquium - 3rd April 2024)

TBC (University of Birmingham Philosophy Society - 22nd May 2024)



For academic enquiries: 

dixond7 [at]

For literary, media, & TV enquiries:

Georgina Capel

georgina [at]

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